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Swindon-based entrepreneur launches crowdfunding campaign to build all-inclusive adventure play centre

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Family-run business Ogeg Ltd, founded by Matt Jeffery, has launched a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising £65,000 to build an all-inclusive adventure play centre in the Swindon area.

Ogeg Ltd, named after the initials of Matt’s children, Ollie and Erin, is dedicated to creating a play centre that embodies key values of inclusivity, environmental sustainability, and educational exploration.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in early years teaching, the team at Ogeg Ltd are well-equipped to deliver an exceptional play experience that goes beyond traditional playgrounds.

The Ogeg Adventure Play Centre aims to stand out with its commitment to inclusivity, and will cater to all children, regardless of abilities. They plan to have a large environmental focus, emphasising sustainability and care for the environment while encouraging children to explore, play, and learn through adventure.

Matt’s vision for the adventure play is that it will offer a variety of amenities tailored to entertain and cater to every guest. Inside, visitors can explore a distinctive soft play zone, equipped with sensory tools and wheelchair-accessible play structures.

Outside, adventures await with play equipment suitable for all, including those with mobility needs.

Having visited numerous play centres in the local area, Matt and his family noticed a significant lack of inclusive facilities that were inaccessible or unaccommodating for wheelchair users or children with other disabilities. He aims to change this by creating a space where all children and their families feel welcome and supported.

"We are incredibly passionate about this project because we firmly believe that every child, regardless of their abilities, deserves a place where they can play, learn, and explore in a safe and welcoming environment," said Matt Jeffery, founder of Ogeg.

The funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to securing a suitable location, covering planning and initial build expenses, purchasing materials and equipment for both indoor and outdoor areas. This includes costs such as planning fees, refurbishment, car park suitability, website development, signage, marketing, and initial operational expenses.

Ogeg Ltd is committed to giving back to the community, initially by donating 5 per cent of all profits to charities focused on children and the environment. The team also plans to volunteer in local projects, such as litter picks, tree plantings, and community events.

The adventure play centre was inspired by the children's book Adventures with Ollie, the Lost Hat, written by Matt two years ago. The book, based on an adventure with their son, Ollie, sparked the dream of creating a place where all children can embark on their own adventures.

Matt’s family are all involved in this business. His dad Graham is actively searching for the right location, ideally semi-rural but accessible from Swindon. Matt’s mum and sister are working on concept ideas for the centre along with planning sessions and activities. Matt’s wife, Katie is helping with the finance and business side of things, ensuring the numbers stack up. And of course, the children, Ollie and Erin are testing everything and giving their ideas of what to include.

Contributions will help bring this dream to life, benefiting the community and creating a standout play centre in the South West. Every donation counts, and there are rewards for contributors, along with the satisfaction of supporting a meaningful project. To support this project with a donation or for more information, please visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/ogeg-adventure-play-new-in-swindon.

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