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Friends, all affected by cancer, raise funds for Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support.


Friends, all affected by cancer, completed a 72-hole round of golf, in one day, to raise funds for Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support and Macmillian.

Lewis Harvey, Sam Phillips, Jack Knight and Ryan Sellick completed the 4 rounds of golf in a day at Honiton Golf Club in June. They have now collected a total of £2,223 for the event.

Each explains the reason they wanted to complete this challenge.

Jack said:
“In the last 2 years cancer has affected my family a lot. My Grandad passed away from lung cancer, shortly after my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through intensive chemotherapy and intensive radiotherapy. During that my Nan and my mum were both diagnosed with breast cancer and went through radiotherapy (thankfully not chemotherapy as well).

Through all of this Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support have been amazing with support for all 3 of them and they continue to support them with their recovery. I am going to do as much fundraising as possible in the future with different challenges and this golf challenge is the beginning”.

Sam explained:
“I’m choosing to do this challenge because Macmillan is such a great charity that will of helped all of our friends and families at some point in our lives. My grandad passed away with cancer when I was much younger, he was my right-hand man, used to take me out fishing every weekend so when we lost him it left a massive hole in my heart. Macmillan helped all the way from his diagnosis to his final moments so I feel it is important to raise as much money as we can for them to help”.

Lewis continued: “I am taking part in this 72-hole challenge to help raise money for two very worthy charities. Cancer has not only taken loved ones of my own family but also more recently taken lives and effected the lives of my very closest friends. Charities like Macmillan and Axminster and Lyme cannot continue to give their support without funds raised.

So, us 4 as a team would like to raise as much money as possible for these great charities with the help of your generous donations”.

Ryan’s story: “I have learned like the rest of us how destructive cancer can be to families, having lost both my Dad and Nan in recent years to the disease. But without the help of charities like Macmillan, that destructiveness could have been much worse. For me this challenge epitomises the relationship I had with my dad, an avid golfer he was, would be up there laughing at us with a Carling in hand watching us trying to hack our way through 4 rounds of golf in the space of 24 hours. Any donations are still truly appreciated.”

If anyone, would like to contribute to Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support’s work or wants to fundraise in support of the charity they can though the website:

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