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Mental health event to help save men from suicide endorsed by UKBlackTech

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With suicide being the leading cause of death in young men, London-based social enterprise, The MABA Group CIC, is working hard to save lives by launching a groundbreaking series of events.

Today, the MABA Group announces that its first event, What’s Ur Story (Mental Health), to be held at the Phoenix Centre in Croydon on Saturday 15 June, now has its biggest sponsor in Mark Martin, MBE – co-founder of UKBlackTech, a leading UK company which aims to increase the wealth of its community by promoting a culture of innovation, tech and digital skills.

This groundbreaking new series of events uses the power of football to help foster connections between young men and older men who share common interests, struggles and experiences. It is the brainchild of ex-professional footballer and founder of the MABA Group, Jean-Terach (JT) Bavangila and award-winning football content creator, Tobrise Chinosa. JT overcame poverty, poor mental health and personal adversity to achieve his dream, while Tobrise has also had to face many challenges and is now a qualified Mental Health Champion. This is why they have teamed up together to launch the event in a bid to help others overcome mental health issues.

As well as a friendly football match, there also will be various talks held throughout the day, facilitated by experts at the MABA Group, which specialises in helping young people through sport, education and music. The event aims to challenge current stigmas around men’s mental health by bridging the gap between different generations and groups, emphasising the importance of inter-generational dialogue and understanding.

Jean-Terach Bavangila, mentor and CEO of the MABA Group social enterprise,said: “We are absolutely delighted that UKBlackTech via Mark Martin, MBE has so generously sponsored this event. Like us, Mark recognises that men just don’t often talk about their problems which can lead to mental health issues and sometimes sadly suicide. We want to show men that there is another way – not just to survive but thrive. We want to make men better emotionally so that they have a chance of succeeding in life, whether in tech, sports, music, education or any other profession.”

Mark Martin, MBE, Co-Founder of UKBlackTech, said: “I am thrilled to endorse and sponsor the 'What’s Ur Story (Mental Health)' initiative, spearheaded by The MABA Group CIC. This ground-breaking event is a testament to the power of shared experiences and the strength of community in addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time — mental health.

“As someone who has consistently advocated for inclusion and support within various communities, I see immense value in fostering connections that span generations. 'What’s Ur Story' not only challenges the stigmas associated with men’s mental health but also brilliantly bridges the gap between young and older men through the universal language of football.

“The initiative's dual focus on mental health and inter-generational dialogue is particularly effective. It provides young men a unique platform to learn from the wisdom of elders, gaining insights that can shape their personal and professional lives.

“Simultaneously, it offers older men a meaningful opportunity to impart their life lessons and experiences, affirming their roles as mentors and guides.

“I would like to commend the exceptional leadership of JT Bavangila and Tobrise Chinosa who have both played a crucial role in shaping this initiative, ensuring it resonates deeply within the community. Together, their efforts highlight how leadership and passion can transform lives and strengthen communities. I look forward to seeing the continued impact of this initiative and am confident that it will inspire many more to join the conversation and support our collective well-being.”

Spaces for the first event are limited due to phenomenal demand but men are warmly invited to put their names down for this and future events either by contacting The MABA Group at: info@themabagroup.com or visiting the Eventbrite link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/whats-your-story-mens-mental-health-registration-902710359987


Notes to editors:

About The MABA Group

The MABA Group CIC is a mobile social enterprise organisation dedicated to empowering the betterment of all people in general but with a particular focus on young people. The organisation focuses on teaching life skills through sports, music, creative arts and education, both privately and through working with local government organisations. As well as working with people with special needs and rehabilitating ex young offenders, the organisation also provides a career mentoring service, CV-building service and expert health and wellness advice for those in need.

Website: https://themabagroup.com

About Jean-Terach Bavangila

Jean-Terach Bavangila, known to most as JT, CEO of the MABA Group social enterprise, is an ex-professional footballer, mentor, coach and public speaker. He came to the UK as a war refugee from the Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville) and grew up in one of the most deprived areas of east Hackney, suffering homelessness, bullying and extreme poverty. However, two things saved him from sinking into a life of hopelessness and deprivation – football and his father’s inclination to take in fellow refugees, many of whom became mentors to him.

Now that he has retired from professional football, JT has a mission to mentor and empower young people, particularly from deprived backgrounds to live the lives they deserve and follow their dreams. JT is a popular public speaker and is available to speak at any event on a range of topics. He can be contacted on: 07474571002 or via LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jean-terach-bavangila


About Tobrise Chinosa

Award-winning football content creator Tobrise Chinosa is also a father, a multimedia guru, and entrepreneur and a Mental Health Champion in the London Borough of Sutton. As a 6 foot 2 inch black man, Tobrise has had to face and overcome many challenges. He often talks about this through his successful football podcast which he started from scratch and now has a community of more than 50,000 people across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

He has also run workshops for kids during their school holidays so that they could learn all about video production. Tobrise is a wonderful person inside and out. His interview skills along with his experience as a mental health champion and his desire to help people makes him the perfect host for such a purposeful event.

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