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The role of CYP therapists

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While 10 per cent of young people between the ages of 5 and 16 are identified with a mental health condition that can be clinically diagnosed, 70 per cent of children and adolescents who experience some kind of mental health issues do not receive timely and adequate interventions.

These statistics highlight a gap in providing early support and treatment to those in need and show the importance of early detection and intervention in dealing with children’s and young people’s mental health.

CYP Psychological Therapists dedicate their careers to understanding, formulating and treating emotional, psychological, and behavioural issues in children, making their day-to-day work both challenging and profoundly rewarding.

Onebright offers a glimpse into the life of a CYP Psychological Therapist. They aim to shed light on their vital work, providing insights into their day-to-day life and how they can provide invaluable help to children and young people struggling with mental health issues.

About Onebright:https://onebright.com/

Providing support

A CYP Psychological Therapist’s role is to help children and young people who are facing unique challenges, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low confidence/self-esteem
  • Problems in relationships, for example, in
  • School/friendship groups/parents
  • Challenging behaviour at home/school
  • Avoidance of activities, including school refusal
  • Grief

Despite the diversity of their clients’ needs, the CYP psychological therapists’ goal remains the same: to provide support and strategies needed to help each young person overcome their difficulties.

Staying informed

A significant part of a CYP Psychological Therapist role involves ongoing professional development with a focus on relevant research and development to maintain the highest standards of professional practice. Professional development includes:

  • Attending relevant CPD training
  • Reading updated studies and research
  • Attending conferences
  • Professional networks
  • Supervision

Onebright’s child psychological therapists

Onebright’s team of CYP Psychological Therapists are dedicated professionals in the field of child mental health. They offer an array of specialisms and offer hope for families keen to support their children. Onebright can help with low mood, anxiety, and behavioural challenges and identify developmental disorders.

They offer bespoke therapy for each young person’s unique needs. Their approach is not merely about addressing symptoms but nurturing the whole child, ensuring a holistic recovery experience.

The challenges faced by Onebright’s CYP Psychological Therapists are coupled with the immense satisfaction of making a real difference in the lives of children and their families.

Their dedication to supporting children’s emotional and psychological well-being enables young people they support to get back to enjoying their childhood and fulfilling their potential.

As the incidence of mental health issues like anxiety and depression rises among this population, the strain on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) has deepened.

Onebright offers a vital alternative, aiming to swiftly connect young people facing mental health issues with the support they need, thereby easing the strain on traditional services.

Contact the Onebright team today and arrange for a consultation? or read more about our services for children and young people.

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