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Things To Make You Go Huh?


Things to make you go huh? Some incredible by-laws of the UK which may bring a chuckle to your day. In the United Kingdom there are many bylaws which, have been bypassed for so long that they have just simply been forgotten. But they have never been removed officially by parliament, as they are far too busy having wine and cheese parties, aledgedly.

For example:-
Many young people these days may not even know what a public library is, however, I would bet that you may not know, it is illegal to gamble in a British public library. Passed under the Library Offences Act of 1898. The act was passed in order to protect those studying from any disruption. It is also against the law to use profanity. So I would be careful if you celebrate your lottery win in your local book depository!

Things to make you go huh?

How about this one. Be very careful how you handle your fish. Well, salmon at least. The Salmon Act of 1986 (specifically section 32) is there to prevent “handling salmon in suspicious circumstances.” This comes under a larger umbrella which bans possessing salmon from areas it has been taken, landed or killed illegally, this law also covers certain freshwater fish such as trout, eels, lamprey and smelt. So next time you walk out of your local supermarket with a bag full of salmon, do your best to not look “sus.”

Things to make you go huh?

Things to make you go huh? In the beautiful country of Scotland, it is illegal to be in charge of a cow, while drunk. At the moment of writing, this reporter believes it is the human stipulated in this ruling. Although it might seem strange, it holds some sense as it was created to keep people safe and to prevent accidents from occuring while moving bovine.

Speaking of bovine, did you know, if you thought tomorrow may be that perfect afternoon to walk your cows through the street, think again. It is illegal to walk your cow, originally on metropolitan streets, between the hours of 10am and 7pm, according to the Highway act of 1980 and was created to prevent mud and dung being left on the roads, or for your cow to have a little nap in the middle of the street. So be careful walking your mother in law home, especially if you´ve ahad a few drinks.

Thing to make you go huh?

And finally. Things to make you go huh? This is a law that many wouldn’t wish to hear, and some of us have already unknowingly broken, but yes it is in fact illegal to be drunk in a pub in the UK! This somewhat surprising law has been around since 1839. If you are caught drunk in a pub, highway or another public place, you could face a fine of 200 quid!

Things to make you go huh?

But rest assured, you are hardly likely to be picked up on any of these. At least, we don´t think so. Huh?

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