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“Grief of a G” by Extreme Overflow Publishing Author Till Freeman: A Story of Redemption in New Book

by TKOAdmin

After his release from prison, Till made a conscious decision to turn his life around and is sharing his remarkable journey in his new book, “Grief of a G: How not to get tricked out of your freedom.” Till Freeman’s story is a testament to the fact that anyone can turn their life around and achieve success, regardless of their past mistakes.

The tragic loss of his thirteen-year-old son, Keemani Freeman, fueled Till’s passion to rewrite his future as a business owner and now-published author, speaker, and youth mentor with a message: “Don’t get tricked out of your freedom,” says author Till Freeman.

Till Freeman’s inspirational message has already touched the lives of many, and “Grief of a G” is set to extend the reach of his impactful storytelling. With its publication, Till Freeman aims to inspire individuals and communities to believe in the possibility of transformation and to find the strength to overcome adversity.

The official date of release is Sunday, September 10, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

Extreme Overflow Publishing is a subsidiary of Extreme Overflow Enterprises, Inc., a full-service publishing company. Extreme Overflow Publishing is committed to the empowerment of storytellers and motivating professional achievement. In response to the growing market of self-publishing authors, Extreme Overflow Publishing’s services include publishing, writing coaching, ghostwriting, brand development, and marketing.

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