Home Entertainment Experience Rugby Like Never Before on SKYWORTH’s 100″ Max QLED TV – A Technological Leader!
Experience Rugby Like Never Before on SKYWORTH's 100" Max QLED TV - A Technological Leader!

Experience Rugby Like Never Before on SKYWORTH’s 100″ Max QLED TV – A Technological Leader!


PRETORIA, South Africa, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SKYWORTH, a leading technology innovator, marked a historic moment in August with the global launch of the magnificent 100″ QLED TV, the SUF958P, aimed at providing South African consumers with an unmatched viewing experience. With over 1800 dedicated engineers across the globe, SKYWORTH remains committed to delivering cutting-edge technology to viewers. The introduction of the 100″ QLED screen reaffirms SKYWORTH’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of leading technology, delivering an unparalleled experience that’s perfect for enjoying rugby. Upgrade the viewing experience with SKYWORTH’s 100″ QLED TV and redefine how people watch rugby. 

The SUF958P 100″ QLED TV sets a new standard for immersion through attention to picture quality, sound, and EYE CARE Technology.

  • Picture quality is elevated with the inclusion of Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ technologies. A high refresh rate of 120Hz ensures that every rugby match is displayed with incredible clarity and fluidity, capturing every moment of the action. The infinite big screen with Local Dimming provides a vast, borderless view and enhances screen brightness and contrast ratios, all while expertly managing darker scenes, ensuring a truly lifelike picture. The Chameleon Extreme 3.0 feature dynamically adjusts color temperature and backlight, further optimizing your viewing experience.
  • The audio experience is equally impressive, with Dolby Atmos and a state-of-the-art 2.1.2 surround sound system. This creates a three-dimensional auditory landscape that brings the excitement of rugby matches right into your living room.
  • For those extended rugby-watching sessions, SKYWORTH has considered the viewer’s well-being with the inclusion of Flicker-Free EYE CARE Technology. By eliminating invisible flicker hazards through the use of the DC dimming mode, viewers can enjoy the game for longer without experiencing eye fatigue.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the action, whether it’s a scrum on the goal line or a breathtaking try, all in stunning detail and breathtaking sound. For more details please visit: https://skyworth.co.za/product/100suf985pmegaqled/

In summary, SKYWORTH’s 100″ QLED TV revolutionizes the way viewers watch rugby, cementing its position as a technology leader. The 100″ QLED TV with exceptional picture and sound quality, as well as advanced EYE CARE Technology, opening a new chapter in the South African TV category. The SKYWORTH 100″ QLED TV delivers unparalleled joy to rugby fans.

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