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Sales expert launches tool to change online course industry

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London – In the unregulated and growing industry of online learning, course completion rates average an astonishingly low 15 per cent and have a dropout rate of around 96 per cent. To address this, Jessica Lorimer, a leading B2B sales expert who has made more than £1 million in sales from her online course since 2019, today unveils a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator with her newly re-launched website.

The tool is designed to help potential students evaluate their expected ROI from the course so they can make more informed decisions before they invest, which in turn enables them to complete the course and get results from it.

Lorimer's tool provides an accurate assessment of potential revenue by combining industry sales statistics with proven results gathered from more than 1,000 of her previous students, 98 per cent of whom have completed the course and gone on to achieve their investment, and more, within six months. Lorimer’s ‘The C-Suite’ course also has CPD accreditation to give her students additional confidence in the credibility and quality of the course.

“As more people move online and flood the market with their courses, promising transformational results in their marketing with no real evidence of a course’s effectiveness or guaranteed results, consumers are spending millions and not getting the outcome they’re promised which is unethical,” Lorimer said. The global online education industry is projected to reach US$167 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow by 9 per cent to US$239bn by 2027.

“My hope is that by giving students a tangible assessment of the potential results from doing my course, they will increasingly demand this evidence from other course creators which will go some way to reshape the ‘wild west’ we’re seeing in the online course landscape,” she added.

The ROI calculator’s user-friendly interface enables users to input their own parameters such as their average number of sales, transactions and upsell values which then enables the tool to generate an estimated revenue increase with and without the course, offering a realistic projection of their earning potential.

While most of Lorimer’s students have achieved an impressive sales conversion rate of 80 per cent after completing the course, the tool’s benchmark is set conservatively at a 50 per cent conversion rate to offer a more grounded estimation of success.

"In the world of sales, every action is guided by data," Lorimer said. "Our approach is grounded in reality, allowing us to provide a clear roadmap and actionable metrics for lead generation, response rates, and more. This tool offers students a view of the predictable outcome they’ll achieve if they invest with us."


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