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Psychic medium warns against the misuse of tarot cards…

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Samantha Jayne, an award-winning spiritual coach and psychic medium, issued a warning talking about the misuse of tarot cards – as a horror film is released this week with Tarot at its centre.

Samantha, who was recently recognised as one of Swindon and Wiltshire’s most inspiring business women in 2023, has been reading Tarot for 23 years and with the recently released movie Tarot in cinemas, it has become apparent that not everybody knows the risks of using these cards – even if they don’t really believe in them.

“Tarot cards are not a game – just as a Ouija board is not a game – even though some toy manufacturers seem to think so. Playing around with energies you do not understand can go horribly wrong. While this film is a fiction, it does draw attention to the fact that some things are not well understood and are not suitable for game playing,” Samantha said.

The American supernatural horror film explores what happens when a group of friends knowingly decide to break one of the rules of Tarot readings: never use someone else’s deck.

In the film, out in cinemas now, each friend draws a card for themselves and the next day, they notice a reading coming true. As the movie progresses, each person faces horrific challenges. The film is written and directed by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg and co-written by Nicholas Adams, the author of the 1992 novel on which the movie is based.

Samantha believes a film of this nature could encourage to just ‘try’ Tarot with no training or knowledge.

“While I don’t for one second believe that the outcomes in this work of fiction would happen to people in their real lives – there are hidden dangers in not understanding how Tarot works.

“The rules are simple. Don’t touch someone else’s cards without permission and make sure to set a clear intention before shuffling the cards. Tarot cards can absorb good and bad energies from the people they have given insight into. It is important to set your intentions as the cards will give you divine guidance as they connect with a situation.

“If you do not do this, you are not protecting yourself from negative energy or advice which could lead to some bad decisions.”

She compares the cards to a Ouija board, explaining that they can open a portal if they are not being used with good intention and if protection is not in place.

Since the pandemic there has been an upsurge in interest in spirituality and its associated disciplines. A survey conducted by YouGov in April 2024 discovered that 22 per cent of adults would consider having their fortune told by a psychic or Tarot card reader and 14 per cent already have, while 56 per cent would not.

The YouGov survey results: https://yougov.co.uk/topics/society/survey-results/daily/2024/04/30/89ff7/3

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