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Launch of SpeechyAI: AI-powered wedding speeches

by TKOAdmin

'Would you trust ai to write your wedding speech (or be happy if your partner used it)?'

As the Founder of Speechy (the bespoke speechwriting team crewed by TV scriptwriters and professional comedians) and author of 'The Modern Guide to Wedding Speeches‘, Heidi Ellert-McDermott’s first instinct was ‘Definitely not! AI couldn’t be trusted to write a genuinely witty, romantic speech without resorting to cliches and cheesy gags.’

She did not believe that AI could create unique comedic and original lines until the Speechy team started experimenting with ChatGPT and realised it had potential. Sure, it did not know how to produce a full-form, first-class wedding speech but it showed plenty of promise when it came to thinking creatively.

Now, after nine months of development and working with an innovation company, SpeechyAI has launched; the speechwriting tool powered by Artificial Intelligence and trained by the Speechy team.

‘The team’s expertise was crucial in the development of SpeechyAI. We had to share our writing techniques and tips so that AI could produce a great speech. Now, the speeches SpeechyAI is producing are much better than the average person could write and obviously in a fraction of the time,’ says Heidi.

Heidi does concede, ‘Admittedly, SpeechyAI is not quite as good as the Speechy writers themselves but then again, it’s only a fraction of the price of working one-on-one with your own ghostwriter. It’s still a hundred times better than working from a free online wedding speech template or, for the majority of people, starting from scratch.’

SpeechyAI works by:

  • Asking speakers to answer a series of 40-50 questions that the Speechy team has devised to get the best possible content from them
  • SpeechyAI uses that content, and along with a bit of ‘secret Speechy coding’ creates a first draft of the speech in less than three minutes
  • The speaker then has the option for SpeechyAI to edit any parts of the speech that don't quite work for them, or edit lines themselves

SpeechyAI is currently in its BETA launch and is priced at £49 (though this will be increasing in the new year).

Any wedding speaker can use SpeechyAI, whether a newlywed, parent, or friend.

‘I appreciate a lot of people will be worried about the thought of ‘a computer writing a wedding speech’’, says Heidi. ‘Wedding speeches do need to be from the heart but what I would say, is all the speech content comes from the speaker’s responses and SpeechyAI simply packages that into the best possible speech. SpeechyAI is incredibly clever at spotting themes, potential for humour and what makes your relationship unique.’

The Speechy team is so confident about SpeechyAI’s ability, that they are sharing examples of its work on the Speechy site.

SpeechyAI’s launch leads to lots of different discussion points, including:

  • The fact that more women than men, view AI as ‘cheating’ and may not like the thought of their grooms using the tool.
  • If women really are more reluctant to ‘cheat’ with SpeechyAI and other AI tools, will they be at a disadvantage on the speaker stage in the future?
  • Why writers and small businesses need to adapt and exploit AI, rather than fear it
  • The prevailing belief is that AI can't be funny. It can!

Lots more SpeechyAI and wedding images are available.

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