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Entrepreneurs join forces to help people navigate the care system

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Care specialist Janet Shreeve is partnering with fellow entrepreneur Jodie Fraser to offer more support to those needing care – particularly in later life.

Jodie has become a director of Shreeve Care Services to help grow this new business and will work with Janet to offer new services by bringing together the world of block management and care.

Jodie has run her own company for seven years and manages blocks of flats and properties for residents and landlords across the South West.

“When I started my business just over a year ago, I had no idea where this journey would take me,” Janet said.

“I met Jodie who runs Fraser Allen Estate Management and we realised that we had much in common and our two businesses could work well alongside each other.”

Their relationship grew stronger when Jodie (40) and her own mum Shirley, who had been caring for her grandmother with dementia for many years – hit a care crisis.

Jodie said: “My grandmother Dorothy became very ill and had to spend time in hospital. When the time came for her to leave it was clear that it was no longer safe or practical for her to return home into our care. Yet we were initially told we had no choice. This was terrible for me and for my mum as we knew we couldn’t cope and my grandmother would not be safe.

“There seemed to be no solution for us – we weren’t given any information, what we were told by one health care professional was actually false and we were facing a massive bill to place our loved one into a home where we were confident she would be safe and afforded dignity. I called on Janet who stepped up and helped us navigate a broken system,” Jodie said.

Janet (67) who has more than 20 years of experience within the care sector and who is a specialist in live-in care, started Shreeve Care Services to help people like Jodie navigate the ‘system’. She also supports care companies around best practices and business growth.

“Over the months, I’ve got to know Jodie we realised we can offer more support to many people in the block management sector around care. This could be a resident or tenant who needs care but wants to stay in their own home – or an agency who wants to educate their staff around dementia and care.”

Jodie said: “Many times in my world of block management, people fear their future if they have a diagnosis of dementia or they find they need care for other reasons. They often don’t want to go into a home, they want to stay in their own home and they don’t know what options exist for them. They can find a decision is actually made ‘for them’ and not ‘by them’. Block managers often cannot advise or help because they simply don’t have the knowledge of the care system. This is why I think Janet and I can help if we work together.”

“My focus will be on the advisory side of the business and helping those who require care to navigate the system, but also to establish how they can remain in their homes for as long as is safely possible.”

Jodie will continue to run her own company with her team while taking on this new directorship to support the growth of Shreeve Care Services.

*Image shows Jodie Fraser and Janet Shreeve. Jodie is joining Shreeve Care Services as a director to help build the services offered by the company. Jodie is also the MD of Fraser Allen Estate Management.

For more information about Fraser Allen Estate Management visit https://www.fraserallenem.co.uk/

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