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Cotswolds career coach leaves her comfort zone for new life on the road

by TKOAdmin

A Gloucestershire business and career coach is embarking on a solo adventure by taking her life 'on the road'.

Claudia Unger, 41, has packed up her home in Cherington near Tetbury to live a nomadic lifestyle as a businesswoman with no fixed abode. She plans to continue to work with clients remotely and to blog about her experience as The Wanderlust Coach and on Instagram through the eyes of her canine companions Dr Watson and Captain Hastings.

The journey started recently when Claudia will set off on the Cotswold Way, carrying all her belongings and a tent. Her two dogs who are both black Labradors are keeping her company.

"I know this will seem strange to many people but I have spent much of my professional life travelling, and even today I walk many, many miles with my dogs. I love new places, meeting new people and having new experiences.

"What I don't love is the fast pace of life when we often don't just stop and take in the beauty around us, particularly in nature. This idea to become a digital nomad, to get to know the UK – and perhaps further afield – even better planted itself some time ago. Now I;m going to go for it and live my dream."

In the first two weeks, Claudia’s aim is to walk an average of 20 kilometres per day. The route will take her onto the Heart of England Way and then up the End to End Trail all the way to Inverness in Scotland. She is walking daily and making overnight stops in pubs, small hotels or B&Bs and visiting friends and clients along the way.

Claudia, who was born in Hamburg, Germany, has been living in the UK for 15 years and has dual citizenship. She feels at home in the great outdoors and is looking forward to getting fit while surrounded by nature.

As for her coaching business, she often goes for a walk with her clients and those conversations will continue.

She says: "I will be learning about myself on this journey by stretching my own comfort zone. I often talk to people in the corporate world about setting boundaries and understanding their own value. One of the things I will find hardest is asking for help as I am very independent.

"As for my business it will be 'business as usual' with clients or business friends joining me for a walk en route on the phone or even 'for real' if I’m in their geographical area."

Claudia has enjoyed travelling throughout her life and settled in the Tetbury area ten years ago.

She says: "I’ve loved the village community in Cherington but I don't intend to come back, it feels like I am leaving for good. My friends were very surprised to hear what I am planning and local people have been coming up to me saying they will be sad to see me go and wish me all the best."

To find out more about Claudia and connect with her ‘on the road’ visit her Instagram – Claudia Unger Wanderlust Coach or the journey of her dogs Watson and Hastings. She can also be contacted via her LinkedIn profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudia-unger/

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