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Moon, the new holistic platform set to simplify women’s wellness

by TKOAdmin

Moon, the pioneering women’s wellness platform, has officially launched, revolutionising the landscape of holistic health and empowerment for women in the UK and beyond. With an unwavering commitment to fostering physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, Moon introduces a transformative approach to women’s wellness.

Despite the growing interest in wellness, modern busy women aged 35 to 55 often struggle to find accessible and comprehensive resources to support their holistic wellbeing. Many existing platforms offer fragmented solutions, leaving women overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin their wellness journey.

Moon’s innovative platform integrates expert guidance and community support to empower women at every stage of their wellness journey. From seasonally curated wellness content to mindfulness practices, movement routines, nutrition classes, self-care rituals, creative exercises, positive psychology sessions and supportive community engagement, Moon offers a holistic ecosystem designed to nurture women’s well-being from within.

“Our mission at Moon is to guide and inspire women on their wellness journey by simplifying health practices into manageable, daily self-care moments,” said Geeta Vara, Co-Founder of Moon. “We believe that true wellness encompasses more than just physical health – it’s about nourishing the mind, body, and spirit. With Moon, we’re creating a supportive space where women can thrive, connect, and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic wellbeing.”

Key features of Moon’s platform include:

  • Moon Bites: 20-minute impactful and informative curated wellness classes seamlessly delivered daily through an on-demand platform, 6 days a week. From movement to nutrition, mindfulness, positive psychology and self-care, Moon is led by their 10+ vetted wellness instructors team.
  • Moon masterclass and workshop – A 60-minute expert-led monthly live delivered on a women’s health topic.
  • Supportive community: Moon’s vibrant community offers inspiration, support, and connection for women. With small group coaching on the horizon, members can anticipate even more opportunities to share, celebrate, and grow together.

In celebration of its launch, Moon is waiving the £29 one-time joining fee until 10 March 2024 with code LAUNCH29 and offering a free trial to those curious to explore the platform first. Memberships start from £45 a month with the option to subscribe quarterly or annually.

To learn more about Moon and join the wellness revolution, visit www.joinmooncircle.com.

About Moon:

Moon is a women’s wellness platform founded by pioneer Ayurvedic practitioner and author Geeta Vara and seasoned health and wellness tech entrepreneur Lucie Marchelot Shuka, dedicated to empowering, connecting, and nurturing women at every stage of their wellness journey. Moon offers a range of expert-led classes, rituals, masterclasses, workshops, and coaching sessions to make wellness accessible and simple for today’s busy women.

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